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The Ball family’s time in Lithuania has come to an end, and it’s for a familiar reason.

According to Lithuanian basketball journalist Donatas Urbonas, LaVar Ball is pulling his sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo, out of Lithuania with two LKL games left in the season after he couldn’t overcome his issues with Vytautas head coach Virginijus Seskus.

Donatas Urbonas@Urbodo

Ball reality show comes to an end. BC Vytautas confirmed that Ball brothers are set to leave Lithuania next week, with two LKL regular season games left to play. BC Vytautas still will be fighting to avoid relegation.

LiAngelo, who became a leading scorer in the LKL, had missed time recently due to an ankle injury, but LaMelo had not seen much playing time in top-league LKL action, angering LaVar. It got to the point where LaVar had seen enough.

Donatas Urbonas@Urbodo

“We’re not going to waste our time no more”, LaVar told. LiAngelo injured his ankle, LaMelo didn’t get any playing time, so LaVar decided to take all his sons back to LA. Lonzo is visiting his family in Prienai right now. They’re set to leave Sunday-Monday

Donatas Urbonas@Urbodo

LaVar added that they had to shut down Gelo for the season in order to prepare better for NBA draft combine, pre-draft camps and so on. But he was mad that Melo didn’t get any playing time in the end of the season

LaVar wanted to make it clear that the issues had nothing to do with Lithuania or the organization. He solely had a problem with the head coach.

Donatas Urbonas@Urbodo

LaVar Ball told he was happy with the Lithuania, its people and BC Vytautas organization: “I just didn’t get along with the coach”

LaMelo averaged just 12 minutes per game in LKL play, scoring 6.5 points on a dismal 26.8 percent shooting. A majority of his playing time came in Big Baller Brand exhibition games against subpar competition.

While LiAngelo has declared for the NBA draft (he’s not expected to get drafted), LaMelo won’t be eligible for another two years. Without a team, he’ll be in the similar basketball limbo that LaVar put him in after pulling him out of high school.

Given how any team that takes on LaMelo would have to deal with LaVar’s demands (and the drama that comes with the Ball family), it could very well be a struggle for LaMelo to land with any top European club.

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LaVar Ball just announced that he will be starting his own basketball league, according to ESPN. The endeavor will carry then BBB moniker and will consist of nationally ranked high school graduate players. It’s basically a league for athletes who do not want to go to college but want prepare themselves for the league.

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The more interesting part about LaVar Ball’s Junior Basketball Association is that players will be paid a salary — nationally ranked high school graduates will receive $3,000 USD a month with $10,000 USD a month going to the best players. Everything is fully funded by the Big Baller Brand and there is a strict stipulation that all players must wear BBB gear including shoes. Currently, Ball is searching to start the 10-team league with 80 players who will play at different professional arenas in major cities. Brooklyn, Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles are just some of the locations.

Additionally, BBB league rules will coincide with professional NBA rules. This means quarters will be 12 minutes and a professional 3-point line. According to Ball, “Getting these players are going to be easy,” he told ESPN. “This is giving guys a chance to get a jump start on their career, to be seen by pro scouts, and we’re going to pay them because someone has to pay these kids.”